A Super - Speciality Hospital Affilated to University of Delhi

The Foundation stone of Pt. Govind Ballabh Pant Hospital was laid in October 1961 and was commissioned by the then Prime Minister late Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru on 30th April 1964.





Dr. Sanjay Tyagi

 Dir. Professor & Head

Dr. Vijay Kumar Trehan


Dr. Saibal Mukhopadhy

 Associate Professor

Dr. Jamal Yusuf

 Associate Professor

Dr. Vimal Mehta

 Associate Professor

Dr. Sumod Kurien

 Associate Professor

Dr. Vivek Chaturvedi

 Assistant Professor

Dr. Girish MP

 Assistant Professor

Dr Mohit  Dayal Gupta

 Assistant Professor

List of Senior And Junior Residents:

1 . Senior Resident Dr. Amit Kr Gupta
2. Senior Resident Dr. Vivek Kumar
3. Senior Resident Dr. Ashutosh Charan
4. Senior Resident Dr. Amar Wani
5. Senior Resident Dr.Leiyami Kasar   ST
6. Senior Resident Dr. Syed Aijaz Nasir
7. Senior Resident Dr. R. Pradeep Kumar
8. Senior Resident Dr.Manauwer Sufian Faizi
9. Senior Resident Dr.Rakesh Kumar Jagdish
10. Senior Resident Dr.Amit Kumar Kothari
11. Senior Resident Dr.Seema Shahi
12. Senior Resident Dr.Sandeep Kumar Kanaujiya
13. Senior Resident Dr. Rajeev Kumar Gupta
14. Senior Resident Dr.Arun Kumar Chandresh Singh
15. Senior Resident Dr.Gaurav Kaushik
16. Senior Resident Dr.Karandeep Singh Syal
17. Senior Resident Dr.Amit Handa
18. Senior Resident Dr.Ramandeep Ahuja
19. Senior Resident Dr. Anunai Srivastava
20. Senior Resident Dr.Kushaal Vikram
21. Senior Resident Dr.Varun Jindal
22. Senior Resident Dr.Devendra kumar
23. Senior Resident Dr.Ankul Gupta
24. Senior Resident Dr.Ranjeet Kr.Singh
25. Senior Resident Dr.Sanjay Gidhwani
26. Senior Resident Dr.Gurpreet Singh
27. Senior Resident Dr.Gaurav Singhal
28. Senior Resident Dr.Nishant Tripathi
29. Senior Resident Dr.Surya Kant Jena
30. Senior Resident Dr.Anuj Goyal, DM
31. Senior Resident Dr.Sandeep Gade, DM
32. Senior Resident Dr.Devendra Aggarwal, DM
1. Junior Resident Dr. Nehal Ahmad Sajjad
2. Junior Resident Dr.Princy Skaria
3. Junior Resident Dr. K.Mohd. Haneef
4. Junior Resident Dr. Mundhe Avinash Dnyanoba
5. Junior Resident
Dr. Yogita Rawat
6. Junior Resident Dr.Faryad Hussain
7. Junior Resident Dr.Ram Mohan Koralapu
8. Junior Resident Dr.Anjali Srivastava
9. Junior Resident Dr.Sridhar.S.Jadhav
10. Junior Resident Dr.Chand Nigam


























Departmental profile:

The Department of Cardiology at G. B. Pant Hospital, New Delhi was established in 1964 as a subspecialty of internal medicine of the Maulana Azad Medical College Complex. During the last thirty-five years, the department has shown exponential growth in volume of the high quality patient care and training a large number of cardiovascular specialists many of who are now leaders in their own right both in India and abroad. The department occupies a unique position with regard to the highly technical and specialized nature of health care delivery for complex cardiac disorders both in terms of quality and quantity and currently ranks amongst top five centers of the country. This is amply proven by the large number of visiting fellows and trainees who seek experience in various sub-specialties of cardiology both from India and abroad and a wide referral base enjoyed by it.


Outpatient Department and special Clinics: The department has daily morning OPD and 4 special clinics in the afternoon:

Pacemaker Clinic

Hypertension Clinic

Pediatric Cardiology Clinic

Interventional Cardiology Clinic

List of facilities:

Diagnostic Facilities : The department has three cardiac catheterization laboratories functioning round the clock besides three echo-cardiographic system, two treadmills, and two ambulatory blood pressure monitoring equipment. The diagnostic procedures include cardiac catheterization, digital subs traction angiography, stress tests, electrophysiological procedures, ambulatory ECG, blood pressure monitoring, signal averaged ECG, peripheral vascular angiography, intracardiac, intravascular and stress echocardiography.

Therapeutic facilities : A variety of catheter based interventions are available for congenital heart disease, adult valvular heart diseases, intracardiac and extra cardiac shunts, percutaneous coronary, carotid, visceral and peripheral interventions, radio frequency catheter ablation of complex arrhythmias, permanent pacemaker and AICD implantation, end myocardial biopsy etc.

Department Infrastructure and location:

Beds: The department has 102 general ward beds of which 22 beds are marked for intensive care including Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.


Ward no 20, 1 st Floor Amir Chand Block

Ward no 27, 5 th Floor Amir Chand Block

Ward no 31, 1 st Floor Arrhythmia Block

Ward no 32, 3 rd Floor Arrhythmia Block


Ward no 28, 6 th Floor Amir Chand Block

Cath labs :

2 nd and 3 rd Floor Arrythmia Block

6 th Floor Amir Chand Block

Documents required for patient care: 

  • Referral from another hospital or department
  • Details of tests already done
  • List of medicines/treatment already prescribed

Required Fee: As per estimate issued by treating doctor 

Academic activities

  • The department imparts training in the super-specialty of cardiology to five candidates per year leading to the award of D.M. (Cardiology).
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate students from the sister LNJP hospital and the Maulana Azad Medical College undergo clinical training in cardiology
  • . Several fellows from other institutions of the country undergo training every year
  • The department is center of excellence in research on valvular heart disease, therapeutic interventions in congenital heart disease peripheral vascular disease and coronary interventions.
  • In last five years, more than 100 publications have been made in national and international journals. Major thrust has been on valvular heart disease and on peripheral vascular disease.

Future Plans:

The department plans to add one dedicated electrophysiological laboratory, anatomical-electrical mapping for percutaneous trans-myocardial laser revascularization, and more Doppler echocardiographic facilities for guiding percutaneous catheter-based procedures and sophisticated intensive care unit facilities.

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