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Micro Biology    

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Dr Poonam Sood Loomba

Dir. Professor and Head

Dr Archana Thakur

Professor of Excellence

Dr Abha Sharma

Associate Professor

Dr Nisha Goyal Assistant Professor
Dr Bibhabati Mishra Ex Director Professor

Departmental profile:

The department of Microbiology is involved in various investigative, teaching and research activities. Apart from routine isolation/identification and antibiogram of various microbial agents from clinical specimens: isolation and identification of anaerobic bacteria and other specialized investigations are also being carried out. Immunological tests, ameobiasis, hydatid disease and HIV I and II ANA dengue IgM serology, chikunguniya, serology NSI, for dengue antigen are also being carried out in addition to routine serological/immunological tests. Identification and culture of fungus from various clinical sample i.e. in CSF, Sputum, Pus and Blood of cases of chronic meningitis, endocarditis, lung abscess and brain abscess are also being carried out. In 1984, Hospital Infection control committee was established. Hospital infection control committee is actively involved in monitoring hospital infection and formulating measures to reduce it. Recently, it is actively involved in the Biomedical Waste Management Programme.

In 2015, Mycobacterium detection and sensitivity system (MGIT) was added to the department and Mycobacteriology laboratory was set up. In 2015 automated blood culture system was also installed in the department for fast processing of blood culture samples so as to reduce the TAT (Turn Around Time) for diagnosis of bloodstream infections.  In 2019, two Post Graduate seats in MD Microbiology were approved and  sanctioned to the department  by the Medical Council of India. In 2020, automated RT PCR(TRUENAT) testing for SARS - COV 2 has been started in the department. Soon a PCR laboratory will be developed in the department for molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases

List of services:

The microbiology Department provides diagnostic services to the clinical departments.

  • Diagnostic bacteriology :
    • Gram staining and culture and antibiotic sensitivity of bacteria from clinical samples.
    • Special staining:- ZN Stain, Giemsa staining and Mucicarmine stain

    • Culture & sensitivity test for M tuberculosis

  • Diagnostic parasitology
  •  Serology
  • Malarial antigen, widal, typhi dot, ASO/CRP, Dengue IgM, cryptococcal antigen and VDRL, rapid card tests for  HIV, HBV,HCV
  • ELISA – ANA, Dengue IgM, HIV I&II, Chikungunya, Hydatid disease, Amoebic serology.
  • ANA by LIA (lineimmunoassay) 

  • Diagnostic mycology – fungal culture
  • TRUENAT testing – for SARS-COV 2
  • Hospital Infection Control Tests which include
    • Air Bacteriology
    • Water Bacteriology
    • Nasal Swab
    • Biological indicator testing
    • Swabs from equipment
    • Disinfectant testing.
    • Sterility test :- I.V. Fluid – Surgical drapes/gowns

Time and location of receiving samples:

Dept. Of Microbiology, 3 rd floor, Academic Block, Room No. 301 to 318, G.B. Pant Hospital.

Day & Time

OPD Central Collection Centre 

Routine Samples from Wards





Monday to Friday
8 am – 1 pm





8 am – 11 am






Emergency samples for Culture after 4 p.m : D-127 

CSF, blood, brain abscess, ascitic fluid, pleural fluid, pericardial fluid, BAL

Emergency samples for Serology: D-127

Rapid card test for  anti HIV, HBsAg, and anti HCV

Documents required for the service:

Patient information, relevant clinical details and history of antibiotic therapy.

Required fee, if any:

These tests are free of cost for inpatients and outdoor patients of G.B. Pant Hospital and other Govt. hospitals.

Academic activities:

·         Three MD Microbiology post graduate students have joined the department in 2019 and 2020.

·         The department actively participates in national/international/state level conferences by presenting scientific papers and delivering CME lectures.

·         Research papers are  published by the department  in indexed journals

Future plans:

·         To set up an advanced virology research center.

·         Upgrade the automated microbial identification systems

·         Start immunofluorescent testing.

·         Process is underway for installing state of the art molecular laboratory for SARS-COV 2 testing and other viral infections

Chief Minister
Shri Arvind Kejriwal
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Last Updated : 01 May,2022