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Dr. Daljit Singh

Director  Professor & Head

Dr. A. K. Srivastava

Director Professor

Dr. Anita Jagetia


Dr. Hukum Singh


Dr. Wazid Nazir

Assistant Professor

Dr. G. D. Singhal

Assistant Professor

Dr. Shaam Bodeliwala

Assistant Professor

Dr. Vikas Kumar

Assistant Professor

Departmental profile:

The department of Neurosurgery was established in the year 1964.The department was the first, in 1984, in the country to acquire the then state of the art equipments such as CO2 and Nd YAG Lasers and Ultra Sonic Surgical Aspirators. An Evoked Potential Machine for intra-operative use was commissioned in 1985. The department was also amongst the first users of electric and pneumatic drill systems and a C Arm - as early as 1981. Constant up-gradation of the technical facilities so as to provide the best and state of the art treatment at no or minimal cost to everyone has been the endeavour of the department. Currently, the department has a state of the art and latest technology Pentero operating microscope and 2 advanced NC-4 operating microscopes for all varieties of micro-neurosurgical procedures. Our department also has cranial endoscope, ultrasonic surgical aspirators, intra-operative ultrasound machine, intra-operative electrophysiological monitoring system, electric and pneumatic drill systems and the entire gamut of general micro-neurosurgical equipments. Recently, a spinal endoscope and stereotactic frame have been procured for performing minimally invasive spinal and cranial surgery.

In 2001, a DSA lab was added to the armamentarium for performing spinal and cranial diagnostic angiographies and therapeutic procedures like embolisation, coiling and stenting. Epilepsy surgery has also been started in the department since 1.1.08.


Outpatient Department and special Clinics: The department has daily morning and afternoon OPD

Facilities available:

Surgeries are available for the following neurosurgical conditions:

  • Tumors- Glioma, Meningioma, Schwannoma, Intraventricular, Pituitary, Pineal, PNET, Craniopharyngiomas, Spinal intra and extra-medullary and Orbital.
  • Surgery for Aneurysms and AVM.
  • Congenital Malformations of Brain & Spine.
  • Hydrocephalus: V P Shunt & Endoscopic.
  • Endoscopic procedures for cranial and spinal diseases.
  • Endovascular procedures for AVM, Aneurysm and carotid stenosis
  • Post trauma sequel.
  • Skull base surgeries
  • Stereotactic procedures
  • Instrumentation for various spinal abnormalities
  • Epilepsy Surgery
  • Ozone Nucleolysis

Department infrastructure and location:

Beds: The department has 83 general ward beds (of which 22 beds are marked for intensive care and 12 beds for high dependency) and about 35 private ward beds.

Wards: Ward 3,  A Block- 1 st Floor

Ward 4, A Block- 1 st Floor

ICU: ICU 16 A Block- 1 st Floor

ICU 17 A Block- IInd  Floor

6 Modular OT: A Block- Ist  and  IInd  Floor

 Documents required for patient care: 

  • Referral from another hospital or department which is to be checked and signed by Consultant or Senior Resident
  • Details of tests already done
  • List of medicines/treatment already prescribed

Required Fee: As per estimate issued by treating doctor, if any 

Academic activities:

  1. Six post-doctoral students are admitted each year for the M. Ch degree
  2. The department actively participates in National, international and state level conferences by presenting scientific papers and delivering CME lectures
  3. The Department has been actively involved with academic activities like organizing symposia / seminars / conferences at regular intervals

Future plans:

  • Add Intra-operative Image Guided Surgery facilities and intra-operative CT
  • Mobile  CT
  • Functional neurosurgical facilities to be started very soon with help of the latest Stereotactic system.
  • Set up an animal experimental and cadevaric dissection lab to enhance resident training and research

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