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Department of Radiology


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Dr. Ashok Sharma

Director Professor and Head

Dr. Sunil Kumar Puri

Director Professor

Dr. Poonam Narang

Director Professor

Dr. Kalpana Bansal

Assistant Professor

Dr. Satbir Singh

Ex Director Professor






1.   Dr. Saumya Panday

2.   Dr. Vidushi Gupta

3.   Dr. Dinesh Meher

4.   Dr. Priyanka Garg

5.   Dr. Prateek Kadyaan

6.   Dr. Surbhi  Agarwal

7.   Dr. Arti Parasher

8.   Dr. Rahul Singh


Senior Residents ( Radiology)


1.   Dr. Abhinav Juneja

2.   Dr. Devkant

3.   Dr. Amit Kaushik Jani

4.   Dr. Nitin Aggarwal

5.   Dr. Neha Sharma

6.   Dr. Md. Ahmad

7.   Dr. Himanshu Gupta

8.   Dr. Jyoti Gupta

9.   Dr. Surbhi Gupta

10. Dr. Pranav Gupta

11. Dr. Tanya Yadav

Departmental profile:

The Radiology department in GB Pant Hospital was established in 1965. In the beginning the department started only with basic x-ray machines and Elema Schonander skull table for cerebral angiographies. Over a period of time other machines like image intensifier (IITV) and ultrasound machine were added. A whole-body CT scan was installed in 1984, which was the first whole body CT scan in any Delhi Government hospital. Currently the department is equipped with latest state of the art equipment s like  : 256 slice  CT scanner, 16 slice CT scanner,1.5 T MRI,  Ultrasound with Color Doppler ,Flat panel Digital 1000 Ma X-ray machine, 1000 Ma digital x-ray and fluoroscopy  machine, Computed Radiography unit and Radiofrequency ablation machine.

Facilities available:  

The Radiology department provides all imaging facilities viz. MRI scan,CT scan, Ultra sound, Color Doppler, X-rays and special x-ray procedures to OPD as well as in-patients on all working days.  24 hour emergency X ray and CT scan facilities are available for in-patients as well as emergency patients on all 7 days. 

<!  Diagnostic: All type of X-ray’s, Special X-ray procedures, Ultrasound, CT & MRI scan.

<!   MRI scanner:  All types of routine head and body examinations. Special examinations like MR angiography of head, neck abdomen and extremities, MR venography, MR spectroscopy,diffusion and perfusion studies, MRCP etc.

<!  CT scanner: Latest 256 slice CT scanner is capable of  non -invasive coronary angiography of very high quality.                                                                                                                                                                    All routine examinations of head and body. CT angiography of head, abdomen and extremities, 3D reconstructions, CT guided biopsy, drainage and celiac block.

<! Color Doppler and Ultrasound machine :  All routine examinations of abdomen, chest and extremeties. Color Doppler for carotids, abdomen and extremity. US guided biopsies, catheter drainage of abscesses.

<! Special X-ray procedures : All barium studies including barium swallow, Barium meal and Barium enema, IVP, PTC and sinogram etc.

<!   X-rays : All types of x-rays. 

<!  Therapeutic Interventional procedures like biliary drainage and stenting, drainage of abscess and fluid collection and hydatid cyst ablation, Radio-frequency ablation of liver tumors.

<! Emergency facilities: 24 hour x-ray, Ultrasound , Colour Doppler  and CT scan facility. 

Documents required for patient care: 

  • Requisition form duly filled  by referring consultant
  • Details of tests already done
  • Patient  information:  relevant clinical details and provisional diagnosis.

Fee Charges:

Ultrasound :                                       Free for all in-patients.          Rs 50/- for ultrasound   and  Rs 100/- for  Doppler      examination  of  OPD patients..

CT :                                                      From Rs.750/- to Rs.3000/- depending upon the type of examination.*        

MRI:                                                     From Rs.3000/- to Rs.4500/- depending upon the type of examination.*

X-rays and special x-rays:                 Free

Therapeutic Procedures :                  Free

                                                             *  20% MRI and 15% CT scan examinations are done free of cost for poor patients who can not afford the charges.


X ray :                             EDP Block ,Ground floor for OPD patients.  

                                        Room No. 43 and 44, main Radiology department,  ground floor, Block A,  for in-patients

CT :                              Room No.40, main Radiology department,  ground  floor Block A  and  Ground floor EDP Block for emergency cases.

MRI :                              Room No.9 , Amir Chand block, ground floor

Special  X-rays:            Room No.43,  main Radiology department, ground floor , Block A.


Monday to Friday:        9 AM to 4.00 PM

Saturday:                      9AM to 1.00 PM

 Academic activities:

Every year the department gets 1 primary and 1 secondary (DMRD ) candidate for DNB Radiology course.

The department  faculty and residents actively participate in National, International and State level conferences by presenting scientific papers and delivering CME lectures 

Chief Minister
Shri Arvind Kejriwal
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Last Updated : 01 May,2022