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Govind Ballabh Pant Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research
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Policy Against Sexual Harassement

Policy Against Sexual Harassment  

A.     Purpose

        Sexual harassment in any context is reprehensible and is a matter of particular concern to community in which students, faculty, patients, doctors, nurses, technical and group IV staff, all must rely on strong bonds of mutual trust and dependence.                                              

B.     Definition

 For this purpose sexual harassment includes such unwelcome sexually determined behavior (whether directly or by implication) as:

a) Physical contact and advances;

b) A demand or request for sexual favours;

c) Sexually coloured remarks;

d) Showing pornography;

e) Any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature. 

For the purpose of the post graduate & post doctoral students the term sexual harassment also refers to any unwanted sexual attention that:  

1.      Involves a stated or implicit threat to the victim’s academic or employment status;

2.      Has the purpose or effect of interfering with an individual’s academic or work performance; and/or;

3.      Creates an intimidating or offensive academic, living or work environment.  

C.   Resources 

GBPH makes known to all the staff of the hospital, the available resources and the informal and formal procedures for resolving complaints of sexual harassment within the Hospital and MAMC College.   These resources include the following information, counseling and support .

a. The following resources are available to the post graduate & post doctoral students of GBPH who seek

    Information and counseling about University policies on sexual harassment, standards of behavior, informal  

    and formal mechanisms for resolving complaints.  

  • Sexual Harassment committee, MAMC, Bahadur Shah Jafar Marg

b. For the entire staff of G.B. Pant Hospital, following is the complaint and redressal body for over seeing the

    complaints and advising action for their redressals regarding sexual harassment  

C.A. S. H. (Committee  Against Sexual Harassment) 


Chairperson- Dr. Geeta Khwaja, Director Professor, Deptt. of Neurology , Tel No. 011-23234242/5503 ,+91 9718599304

Convener- Dr. S.P. Jayant, Addl. MS 


Dr. N. Shashi Gururaja, HOD Blood Bank,

Dr. Vinita Dogra, Prof. Microbiology,

Dr. Pragati Ganjoo, Prof. Anaesthesia,

Ms. E.R. Omana, Chief Manager, Syndicate Bank, MAMC

Mrs. Jyoti, DNS,

Mrs. Rita Kaushik, AO,

Mrs. Savita, Tech. Sup. Cardiology,

Mr. Ramesh, Steno.

Mrs. Sheela , OT Assistant

D. GBPH  Policy for prevention prohibition and punishment of Sexual Harassment  Policy  

1.  In compliance with the mandate of the Supreme Court Judgement of 1997 in Vishakha and others vs. State of Rajasthan. GBPH adopts the guidelines and procedures to prevent, prohibit and punish sexual harassment of women at the GBPH. 

2.  GBPH is committed to providing for all women who fall within its jurisdiction including its, staff, patients and students at the place of work and study, environment free from sexual harassment, intimidation and exploitation. 

3.   Every woman shall have a right to be free from Sexual Harassment.

E.   Objectives of the policy 

1.    To fulfill the directive of the Supreme Court of India enjoining all employers to develop and implement a policy against sexual harassment of women at the work place.

2.    To uphold Women Right to Protection against Sexual Harassment and the Right to Livelihood and towards that end for the prevention and  redressal of Sexual Harassment of Women.

3.    To evolve a permanent mechanism for the prevention, prohibition and redress of sexual harassment of women at GBPH.

4.    To actively promote a social, physical and psychological environment that will raise awareness about and deter acts of sexual harassment of girls and women.

5.     To ensure the implementation of the policy in letter and spirit by undertaking all necessary and reasonable steps including the constitution of appropriate Committees for purposes of gender sensitization and to conduct enquiries into complaints of sexual harassment.

6.     To uphold the commitment of GBPH and its constituents to provide an environment free of discrimination and violence against women.


1.  GBPH has a decentralized system which is designed to encourage the reporting and resolution of complaints of sexual harassment. 

2. C.A.S.H convenes bi-annually a meeting of the members who are the representatives from different departments to review and report on any  incidents of sexual harassment in the hospital based upon the reports or complaints which have been formally or informally conveyed to any of the members. The committee also convenes special session of the meeting if required. 

3.  The minutes of the meeting of the committee is submitted to the MS, GBPH along with the recommendations if any.

4.  All members of the staff are advised to approach any of the following to report any matter perceived as sexual harassment or lodge any complaints regarding the same.

Ø  Chairperson C.A.S.H

Ø  Convener C.A.S.H

Ø  Members C.A.S.H

Ø   MS




Last Updated : 26-April-2022